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adm-211 dumps salesforce Advanced administrator certification

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ADM-211 Exam Dumps of the Highest Quality :

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Complete Salesforce Advanced Administrator Certification Exam Syllabus

  • Process Automation - 20%
  • Security and Access - 20%
  • Objects and Applications - 19%
  • Data and Analytics Management - 13%
  • Cloud Applications - 11%
  • Auditing and Monitoring - 10%
  • Environment Management and Deployment - 7%

Improve and expand business process automation.

Troubleshoot both Field Visibility and Record Access.

Add Custom Objects and also Apps to Salesforce.

Quick Actions and Salesforce can help you work more efficiently.

Change Administration Mangement.

Upgrading Data Quality.

Automate challenging business operations.

Streamline the approval process for requests.

With visual workflow, productivity can be increased.

salesforce admin ADM 211 certification questions pdf

Q1. What are some characteristics of web applications or web controls?

Choose 3 answers.

A. Runs on a customer hosted web server

B. Ha S a custom Ul (Generally ASPNET or JSP)

C. It is not possible to incorporate web services API Calls into S-Controls

D. Are generally used for highly customized Ul or Business logic functionality that cannot be accommodated by S-Controls

Correct Answer: ABD

Question #2

Who can publish the article on Knowledge?

A. User with "Manage Article" and CRUD on Article Type

B. User with Archive Articles in public Group

Answer: A

Q3. What is the fastest way to communicate new release information to your end users?

A. Feature detail pages

B. Detailed release notes

C. Admin preview document

D. Discover button in application

Answer: B

Q4. An administrator has created a time-based workflow that escalates a Lead record 10 days after it has been created if no updates have occurred. What is the best way for the developer to test that the new time based workflow rule is functioning?

A. Create a new lead record: view the outbound messages queue

B. Setup the developer for time-based workflow queue; create a new lead record; view the time-based workflow queue

C. Create a new lead record; view the time

Answer: B

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adm-211 dumps salesforce Advanced administrator certification

0 ratings
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